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HOW-TO Church Sound Workshops:
Feb 20, 2012


I wanted to thank [HOW-TO chief instructor] Mike Sokol for an excellent job in leading the workshops in Columbia, SC a couple of weeks ago. The teaching was done in a professional manner, not only was it educational and practical, but also had times of humor thrown in. I went to a different workshop several months ago, but it was nothing compared to this one. The workbooks, visual aids and hands on applications made everything so much easier to understand.

I believe this kind of training is much needed in churches today and am glad that there is someone who has the desire to provide it. I have taken what I learned and started to find answers to some of the problems we have been dealing with.

It was a great experience and would just like to thank you, Mike, the company's who help sponsor the workshops and everyone else who is involved. Would like to host these workshops in 2013 at our church. If given that opportunity, would like to promote them through our association and state convention to let everyone know the importance of getting this kind of training.

Thanks again and may God continue to bless this ministry and everyone involved.

Dennis Dyches
Radiant Life Church
Elgin, SC 29045

I have been reviewing our church sound set-up and situation. I realized today that this thank you letter is long over due and I apologize for that. Yesterday I had the opportunity to run sound by myself for the first time since the training you provided (and quite frankly, it is the first time since we have had the new Soundcraft board). I realized then, the training that you provided us with was invaluable. I was able to understand where signal was going to and from, and easily manage sound for this funeral on my own. Also, because you took the time to show us how our feedback ferrets work, there were no squeals.

Thank you so much for your excellence, professionalism and servant ministry. You have profoundly impacted our services. We no longer have squeals during service, we can hear the guitars and have a basic understanding of EQ’ing -- and most importantly, the word of God both sung and spoken is being heard clearly by all.

Your work has been a blessing to us. We will never forget this training.

Jennifer Pollmann
Leighton Church
Caledonia, MI

Let me first say what a blessing it is to have found the HOW-TO Sound Workshops on the Internet and have attended your recent seminar in Arlington, VA. The content and presentation was absolutely over the top; clearly your knowledge and expertise was quite evident and the course content was clearly presented. All aspects of the course were covered and the Q & A very informative; it was a pleasure to be there. I had been praying for some time to find something to enhance my knowledge and abilities on our church sound system. Your challenge to provide excellence when working in a church environment is exactly the attitude everyone in ministry should have. I thank God for his direction in leading me to find your services.

Mike Lowrey
Calvary Chapel Central Bucks
Holland, PA

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful and informational consultation yesterday at my church studio. It was a fast 4-hour period and I truly enjoyed the teaching. You answered a lot of questions for me and made the application of the recording process seem smaller.

Best regards and May God Bless you both.

Lindlee Frasier

Greetings, My son and I so enjoyed the "How To Sound Workshops" at our Church in Tequesta, Fl in 2008. It really sparked a desire to learn more about live sound, and mixing in the Church environment. Playing drums for 25 years I learned enough (sound wise) to get by, but actually learning and running sound has been a new "instrument" to play (mix). Again thanks so much.

Take care and God bless
Chris Cranmer

First of all, Thanks! After hosting your live sound workshop a few years ago, we sent one of our newer sound tech recruits to the workshop in Granite City recently. He came back saying how much he appreciated the opportunity, and then mixed one of the best sounds we've had in a good long while. Several musicians in the congregation that day commented to me saying it was a great mix.

Jerry Thomason
Salisbury Church
Charleston, IL

Thanks, HOW-TO Sound. You and the workshops are a blessing and you have exceeded my expectations. God Bless you and your team.

Reginald Morris
Voice of 1 Audio Production
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting the workshop on this past weekend. I really appreciate all the time you guys put in for organizing these workshops. It was very encouraging to hear how some of the people will be able to start using what they learned the very next day. I already had people asking me on Sunday what happened to the buzz from the speakers? It was nice to be able to tell them that a professional figured it out and fixed it.

God Bless,
Phil Cline
Osceola Grace Brethren
Osceola, IN

We really enjoyed having the workshop. It really jump-started our sound team and got everyone on the same page. It also allowed us to train three high school students and get them ready to serve at a comfortable level as well. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you guys again soon.

PJ Hardin
Fern Creek Christian Church
Louisville, KY

Thank you so much for the awesome training you conducted at our church this past weekend. Our sound team can't stop talking about it, and I have gotten nothing but wonderful comments from the other churches who attended. We were so impressed with your level of knowledge and ability to cater your message to the audience. Great job and continue the amazing work you are doing. We hope to continue to get the tech people from our community together to keep the networking going! Blessings, congratulations and, again, warmest of thanks!

Nicole Belanus
Stone House Presbyterian Church
Toano, VA

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